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As children’s ministry leaders, we are blessed to be in a position where we get to watch the Lord transform the hearts of our children, and also get to equip kids in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. All of this leads us to a continual need for children’s church resources that will help us on the journey.

Children’s Ministry Leaders…

How do we pick out a curriculum that will help our children experience the wonder working power of God? Do just that—-find a curriculum that helps our kids experience God. Knowing God; that’s what it’s all about! It’s a relationship with the most loving and powerful being there is! Kids Arise Ministries provides such a resource to children’s ministry leaders. Equipping and empowering children who actually know the God they serve!

Kids Arise Ministries helps you in this journey of equipping and ministering to children. Our goal is to see kids arise and shine for the Light has come and now dwells in His people!

Children aren’t just the church of the future, they are the church NOW! God doesn’t give kids a little Holy Spirit when they are saved; He gives them the same Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead! Let’s not diminish what God wants to do through our children in His Kingdom.

Children’s Ministry Deals…

Spending a fortune on children’s church resources isn’t always an option for small churches, and it shouldn’t have to be. Check out our Curriculum Overview and Shop for children’s church curriculum deals, because this is the place to get more for less. We produce new curriculum all the time, because it’s what we use at our church, and now we are offering it to you. Each curriculum is written by us, used in our children’s church, and updated to meet our tested and approved status. Let us help you provide the children’s ministry resources you need, because equipping children and children’s leaders is what we do!

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3 thoughts on “Children’s Church Resources

  1. Sir l made a ministry after more struggle. There are 50 children’s in my ministry. They are very poor. For developing them i want some help from you

    1. I definitely understand that struggle. We had 50 children in our ministry 90% were very poor, and our ministry had little resources(financially) to help. What we did have was the Holy Spirit to lean on for every aspect of what we did. We went to prayer with everything, and prayed over each child throughout the week-asking God for encounters with Him. Praying that the children would experience the living God for themselves. Start with inviting the Holy Spirit at every meeting, after they are used to this, begin to ask children to pray for the Holy Spirit and lead the prayer time. Have kids share something good that’s happened and praise Him, something bad that’s happened and pray about it. Have kids actively involved in prayer times-praying for other children, laying hands on the sick, etc.
      You don’t need fancy curriculum. Read a passage of the Bible and help them understand it, and how it shows God’s character. Then pray.
      The curriculum we sell contains a lot of different activities to actively involve children in prayer, and positioning them to receive from God. Hopefully this helps.

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