Recently, my husband handed me a children’s book that his friend and colleague had written. I read it with anticipation, for I knew the author was a born again believer and his heart is to honor God in all he does. The book, “Be a Tree: A Journey From Start to Finish” by Joel Howard, […]

Staying Connected to your kids in kids church during quarantine is the last topic I ever thought I would write about. But we live in odd times; times which force us to look at things through a new lens. I have been so impressed with the response of the church in making sure the good

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Spirit Power in Children's Ministry

Do you want the power of God moving in your children’s ministry? I would think that most of us would easily say, YES! Why is it then that so many of us don’t invite the Holy Spirit’s power into our children’s ministry? Sure, we may pray and ask for spiritual gifts, but when is the

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I like to start each year with a clean slate. Which for me means organizing the mess I ended the previous year with. I like to think I’m pretty organized, but with the craziness of managing a family, two ministries, and a small business my organizational abilities can sometimes get lost. If you need some

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5 Steps to help you refuel for children’s ministry leaders! When serving in any type of ministry, it’s easy to become worn out. A person who constantly gives their time and energy to others can easily become a person who forgets how to receive from others. I know because I’ve been there! As children’s ministry

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thank you

As children’s ministry leaders, there is one thing that should be on our priority list—Teaching Gratitude! We all know that we should be grateful and that it’s important to give thanks; but is it possible we’ve lost sight of just how important it is to God? God holds us to a higher standard, His Standard.

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discouragement in children's ministry

I have been Leading Children’s Ministry for close to 12 years. In that time, I have experienced the ups and downs of being in a leadership role. The extreme highs when you see God fulfilling the vision he put in your heart, and the lows when you think you’ll never get there and God’s forgotten

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