About Us: Kids Arise Ministries

This article will help you better understand the heart behind Kid Arise Ministries and find out more about us.

Kids Arise Ministries was birthed out of the heart of a wife, mom, worship leader, and Children’s Ministry Director. I’ve experienced over twenty years of working in ministry to children. God has placed a burning desire on my heart to see our children experience His presence in greater ways.

Desiring More Than a Story…

It’s not enough to teach children about God; I want them to know God; to experience God; to have intimacy with Him. I desire more than a story in a book for our children. I’ve spent many nights crying out to God and asking Him how to take the children (who stare with blank faces at me) to a deeper understanding of the glorious, exciting, good, and all loving God that I know. Over the years, I grew tired of the curriculum that we used. It seemed all too familiar, too surface, and too watered down. If I was bored with it, then it’s no wonder the kids were. I asked God for something new, something real, something deeper.

Letting the Holy Spirit Lead…

In small increments, He began to give me new things to try with the kids. And to my surprise—it worked!! The children came alive with excitement about attending church, spending time with God, experiencing Him, and ministering to others. It required a lot of time pouring into Him, listening to His Spirit, and writing curriculum. Time well spent. The Holy Spirit has used this curriculum to shape children’s lives. For instance, the children are learning to hear God’s voice, lean on Him, and intercede for others. The kids pray for healing and healing occurs! The kids understand the scriptures in a deeper way. I’m excited to take part in what God is doing in this generation and blessed because of it.

A Heart Bursting for More…

Kids Arise Ministries is about providing opportunities for kids to experience and encounter the living God. The Bible isn’t a storybook. It’s real life, real people, and a real GOD! ‘For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.’ 1 Corinthians 4:20. Put the power of God back into your children’s ministry. Ignite their hearts and minds. We are equipping the younger generation to be the church, NOW!

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